Meeting your Brokerage Needs

From property sales to filling vacancies, from working with developers on new projects to helping business owners find the right space, CPI does it all.

If you need an exceptional brokerage firm to assist you with your commercial real estate needs, look no further than CPI. As a full-service brokerage firm, we have superbly represented thousands of projects and people in a variety of capacities. Let us offer you the same exceptional service.

Landlord Representation
  • Elevate your property’s awareness through CPI’s marketing tools
  • Be confident in our Market Knowledge direct from the streets; executing several hundred leases per year gives CPI a unique perspective on the pulse of the market
  • Never feel like your broker is hiding. With CPI you can expect open and honest communication
Sales Transactions
  • Let CPI get you the facts about market conditions before buying or selling a property. We know that price is everything
  • Work with our experts and receive advice and guidance on investment structures, such as 1031 exchanges, and self directed IRA’s
  • Explore your options. From deciding on which property to purchase, to rolling your sales proceeds into a new property, CPI can help buyers and sellers explore all their options
Tenant Leasing
  • Enjoy tenant representation services free to the tenant
  • Simplify the process by letting CPI perform a comprehensive needs analysis for you
  • Save time and money and let CPI do the initial leg work required to find properties that fit your requirements
  • Watch virtual tours in our state of the art conference room. These were designed to get you out of the Arizona heat, help narrow your options and select the appropriate location for your business
Project Development
  • Learn what property types are in demand; CPI can provide substantial insight into what property types and features are in demand
  • Pre-lease with confidence. CPI connects hundreds of tenants with landlords every year. Let CPI handle your pre-leasing needs


It's Time You Experienced the CPI Difference.
Are all commercial real estate firms the same? At CPI we don't think so, and neither do our clients

Commercial real estate decisions are important, and CPI believes you should know exactly what to expect from your commercial real estate firm. From CPI you can expect something different: agents, a property management group and support staff that work together to create a positive atmosphere that results in successful commercial real estate transactions. Most importantly, our entire staff takes an active role in turning your business dreams into your business reality.

Quick Response Times

Landlord or Tenant, Buyer or Seller, Escrow Officer or Cooperating Broker, CPI is committed to getting you the answers you need.

With CPI you never feel ignored or avoided. Our real estate professionals take pride in being the most responsive agents in the Valley. From activity updates to document prep, CPI has systems in place to ensure that you never feel “out of touch.”

Transaction Volume

CPI executes over twice as many real estate transactions as our competitors.

With over 65 Agents, CPI has consistently completed more transactions per year than its competitors. This has allowed us to form relationships with more Tenants and Buyers than any other firm creating a high probability that the occupant of your property or the buyer of your building will come from our company’s relationships.

Creative Approach

We believe that what was previously good enough is no longer good enough.

Let’s face it, in good markets, many brokerage firms can become lax, and in bad markets many brokerage firms can give up. At CPI, we are always looking for better ways to get the job done and creative ways to do the impossible. So, no matter what type of market we face, our clients know that CPI is always looking to innovate and better meet their needs.

Dedication to Clients

Because listening to our clients is more than just a brochure tag line.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop with the signature on the bottom line. We can provide you with resources for business development, property management services and other useful tools to help transform your business dreams into reality.

Strength of Diversity

CPI proudly represents both small and large business owners.

CPI understands that not every client will have the same needs. We also understand that every client is deserving of our respect, courtesy, and full effort, regardless of size. With this in mind, our clients know that we are working hard to help them achieve their specific goals while addressing their real estate concerns.

Focus on Increasing Value

Good brokerage firms can help you lease space; great brokerage firms, such as CPI, can increase the value of your property.

At CPI, our Agents and Property Managers are acutely aware of the roles they can play in increasing the value of a property. For clients that elect to take advantage of our in-house property management services in conjunction with our brokerage services, a plan of action designed to increase occupancy, while decreasing operating expenses, will be put in place. In this manner our agents and property managers work together to fill vacancies and build tenant relationships. In turn, this cultivates happy tenants and ultimately more lease renewals.

Energetic and Dynamic

Work hard, play hard. This is more than just a cliché at CPI.

At CPI we do not believe in conforming to rigidly prescribed formulas designed solely to meet remote corporate quotas. We would rather employ good judgment to satisfy your needs. Our energy and willingness to change gives you the guarantee that we, at CPI, are always looking out for your best interest.

Unrivaled Experience

CPI has successfully negotiated transactions on behalf of thousands of clients since 1981.

You don’t negotiate thousands of deals and not learn a thing or two. One thing we’re sure of is that quality people are a must. CPI employs only the best and brightest agents to serve our clients. When it comes time to negotiate on your behalf you can be assured that each agent has the expertise and experience necessary to avoid common real estate pitfalls while getting you the best deal possible.

Industry Network

CPI’s position is that it is just as important to promote a positive relationship with the brokerage community as it is with our clients.

CPI maintains strong relationships with cooperating brokers. We accomplish this by turning documents around quickly, paying commissions accurately and honestly, and assisting outside agents to complete transactions with our clients. Over the years, CPI’s relationship with the brokerage community has allowed us to more successfully locate tenants, buyers, and sellers for our clients.

Dedication You Can Count On

Because listening to our clients is more than just a brochure tag line.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop with the signature on the bottom line. We can provide you with resources for business development, property management services and other useful tools to help transform your business dreams into business reality

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Our professional experience and significant knowledge of the current market ensures that you, as our client, receive the highest levels of service and property exposure.