Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Commercial Properties Inc. (CPI) began business in 1981 as a commercial property management company for the Valley’s industrial properties.

CPI is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and property management firm for all product types in Arizona. Currently CPI’s listings include over 22 million square feet for sale/lease with more than 224 properties and associations under management, totaling over 14 million square feet.

CPI’s pride in and dedication to providing its clients with the highest level of service stems from the CEO and Associate Designated Broker, Leroy Breinholt. Leroy’s contagious devotion to customer service and impeccable ethics sets the standard for the CPI team. This powerhouse team of dedicated agents and employees drives CPI to provide unparalleled service to our clients and has earned CPI the reputation of being trusted experts and business partners.

CPI is dedicated and experienced. The brokerage team has more than 350 years of cumulative experience in the commercial real estate arena and several of CPI’s veterans have been with the firm for over 15 years.

The CPI Promise

With services ranging from commercial real estate sales and leasing to property management and development services, CPI promises:

  • A higher, more personalized level of service than other commercial real estate brokerage companies
  • A thorough knowledge of Arizona’s demographic profiles and promising opportunities
  • An expert assessment of the latest market, industry and economic trends
  • An integration of strategic marketing to reach your target audience
  • An ethical and friendly approach demonstrated by each team member

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values

At CPI, our mission and vision statements are more than just phrases we hang on a wall. They are the defining values that are present in each of our agents and employees and the words that govern the way we do business.

Our Mission

As key Business Partners and Trusted Experts, we help transform our clients’ business dreams into reality through teamwork, personal relationships, responsive service and unparalleled knowledge of the Phoenix Metro area commercial real estate market.

Our Vision

To always be the best choice for our clients.

Our Values

CPI’s values are the company’s foundation. Each CPI staff member embodies these values and as such, provides the best possible customer service for our clients.

We know integrity is the cornerstone of our professional character.
We have deep respect for the people we work with and the people we work for, this guides our actions and behavior.
Continuous Improvement
We believe that what was previously good enough is no longer good enough.
We think excellence should be evident in every aspect of our work – our appearance, our conduct, our results.
We are unified in fulfillment of the company mission and pursuit of the company vision.
We enjoy our work; the people we work with, the standing traditions we share and the fun activities at CPI that make it a great place to be.